Clay Bundle #4
Clay Bundle #4
Clay Bundle #4
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Clay Bundle #4

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Approximately 1 to 2in tal


Each clay is a handmade piece of art. Some clays may slightly be different than others such as eye color, eye shape, etc. I do not offer refunds on clays that break in route to you. I will package them safely into a box but please be aware that the chance of it breaking along the way to you might happen. 


Here is a list of recommended glues to repair your clays:



Gorilla Glue (gel)

Quick Hold 


Once an item is shipped, I am no longer responsible. If there are issues with your tracking or package, please contact USPS. I advise everyone to add insurance to their order or at least pay extra to ship Priority in order to ensure safe delivery. 


If there are issues with your order, please contact me immediately before leaving a bad review. I pride myself in superior customer service. Thank you!